We're proud of our reputation

Penalta Group has had the privilege of working with clients spanning a variety of sectors including but not limited to commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality, education and healthcare.

We have built a reputation we are proud of. For constructing quality structures that perform the way they are supposed to. For a group of people that are great to work with. For making the process smoother, stress-free and seamless. And, for always treating our clients with honesty and respect.


Our experience and success lie in the commercial sector, most notably in the hospitality and hotel industry, and in the retail and industrial sectors.

No matter what sector we work in however, our focus is always on the building’s end-user, ensuring they receive the value, utility and aesthetic appeal they desire.

Close up exterior of wood panels on side of building, with blue sky and clouds


We understand the variety of challenges within commercial builds and the need for timely completion. We have learned to become agile — adapting our working process to fit this ongoing and ever-changing expectation.

Penalta has a solid understanding of all of the factors that need to be considered, wherever your project is located nationally. Whether it’s a 200,000 sq. ft. big box plaza, warehouse facility, medical office, hotel, or state-of-the-art car dealership, we have the team, the expertise and the experience to join forces with you and deliver on your needs.


With our experience in building urban, rural, or even remote retail locations, we are an established partner for numerous clients.

We work to meet the specific requirements of our clients, whether you need a ground-up build, fitting out a base-build, or the renovation of an existing store, we have worked through a variety of project scopes as a trusted partner for our clients, their design teams and consultants alike.

We are proud to be the preferred partner for some of North America’s most recognizable retail brands. To find out more about our unique approach to retail projects, take a look through some of our most recent projects.

Exterior of LCBO store with blue sky in background
Top corner of a building with lots of windows and a red panel on the side


Our experience with constructing industrial buildings ranges from warehouses and storage facilities of many differing styles and scales, to highly sensitive assembly plants with strict codes and operating restrictions.

Along the way, we have ensured our clients are left feeling reassured that no matter how many times we’ve worked through a similar process, their project is given special and unique attention. The awareness of intricacies and specific business needs plays a crucial role in our approach, ensuring that both your and our high standards are met (or exceeded) at all touchpoints throughout the project. Browse through our latest industrial projects below for a look into the variety of work we’ve completed in this sector.

For more information on our projects, downloadable versions of our brochures can be found below.


Our expertise and industry knowledge make Penalta Group a perfect candidate for your next education project.

Over the last 20 years, Penalta has diversified our sector proficiencies and project delivery methods. Our experience in the design build arena is diverse; and, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects that would illuminate Penalta as an industry-leader in the educational construction sector.

Close up of lower half of people walking up stairs in interior of building with tall windows in background
Two men in white lab coats walking in building with tall ceilings and white interior


We know how critically important healthcare and retirement facilities are to the infrastructure of communities around the globe; and, we take great pride in the work we have done and the partnerships we have built within these sectors.

Our team thrives when we are handed the keys to complex projects like hospitals, clinics, and retirement homes – because we know that we are doing more than just building a building, we are serving the greater good.


For further details on how we work in each sector, request a brochure or contact us today.