The Penalta Story

The Penalta Group was founded in 1999, by Terry Wallace and Robert Ogden. With the specialist skills needed to succeed in the commercial and retail markets, they were joined by Mohsen Zakaria who completed the leadership team. Collectively, their core values have always been honesty, hard-work and passion. With commitment and dedication, they have steadily built long-lasting relationships through referrals; and in so doing Penalta Group has become a quality-first construction company, focused on client satisfaction above everything else.

named after the
Penalta Colliery

A coal mine located in the South Wales Valley, which symbolizes hard work, determination and always getting the job done— values that still hold true to this day. We have been successful because we have stayed true to our core values of honesty, integrity and working hard to make our customers’ experience is as stress-free and pleasurable as possible. No matter the size of our business and team in the years to come, we stand by our promises and work relentlessly until our clients are left feeling highly satisfied with our work. After all, this is why Penalta has successfully delivered on more than 2,000? projects for over 20 years.

Where We’re Headed

Today, we place great value on innovative thinking and cleverly integrated processes that help us efficiently execute on our objectives. Working collaboratively with our partners, we develop industry-leading solutions from concept through to completion – ensuring the very best expertise and resources are deployed to achieve the required outcomes; without sacrificing our focus on budget, timelines, quality of work, safety and sustainability.

As we look to the future of Penalta, our focus remains the same: continuing to provide outstanding service to our clients – always striving to surpass your expectations. We are your partner in all things general contracting, construction management, and design build. We will continue to be an industry leader in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors and increase our expansion into healthcare and education — integral sectors of Canadian infrastructure.

Why Choose Penalta?

Anyone can build a building. But honesty, integrity, an unrelentless drive to overcome obstacles, and above all else, a desire to understand what a customer needs and wants are qualities that are difficult to find – and are the foundation of the Penalta business. It is why our core trade comes from referrals and retained customers – we work hard to ensure people enjoy working with us.

"Great buildings are built by great people. That is the mantra that has driven Penalta Group since day one, and it is the foundation that we have used to build our story of success."

Robert Ogden, President, Penalta Group Ltd.